Hello and thanks for stopping by at greene edition today. Today I have some great little 6×8 Planner Page Templates for you. You can download the 6×8 Planner Page Templates at the end of the post.

I have made the 6×8 Planner Page Templates for Holly’s challenge. I hope you like them, they have some layer options and a couple of styles worked in. As always I would love to see what you make with them. And please check out the challenge and the absolutely beautiful contributions.

greene edition - 6x8" Planner Page Templates greene edition - 6x8" Planner Page Templates greene edition - 6x8" Planner Page Templates

6×8 Planner Page Templates

Do you plan a lot? I do and then it never quite works out the way I have planned things. Life tends to get in the way of my intricately designed plans. Yet I do use planners. It helps me to get things done when they need doing, like pick up stuff from somewhere, get to the dentist. I have a big planner binder at home, it is quite large and sits by the phone, it has all sorts of phone numbers and details in it. It has protector sleeves with menues of our fave food delivery places and all our tradie’s addies in it as well, it has school details and dentist details. The boss binder so to say.   Then I have a small one for myself that I physically carry around with me even though I have a smart phone. I like to sift through the pages … It is not a planner that you can buy in a store but it has my own layouts in it and I print pages for the planner as I need them and as I go. I have bought different layout books for planning purposes in the past yet never committed to a subscription planner deal. The planner books/binders that I bought I found a bit  confining for myself since they had premade layouts that I could not change. Print my own pages and then use them as needed suits me better. Since I have always liked to cut and glue, guess what: Yes, I glue the printed pages into a book.

How do you plan? With planners? With binders? With your phone? Or just mentally? With sticky notes? I use them a lot. Sticky notes that is.

greene edition - 6x8" Planner Page Templates   greene edition - 6x8" Planner Page Templates

Anyways, Holly’s challenge was just what I needed in terms of a kick to go over the templates, add some layers, wrap up the pages and upload them for you. I hope you find use for them.

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