Hello and thanks for stopping by at greene edition in these scary times of the pandemic. Today I want to share some thoughts about how cold showers can improve your immune system. In case you like to listen to some tunes, check these. I don’t know if I like it so much because I grew up in Queensland (twice the size of Texas) under a Don’t Mess With Texas base cap.

Cold Showers May Improve Your White Blood Cell Count

While most people enjoy nice, warm, cozy showers, it actually might be a bit better for you to take cold showers in order to give your immune system a boost. In general, this is in reference to any showers where the temperature is below room temperature, so it doesn’t exactly have to be freezing, but it shouldn’t warm you up either.

The first thing that cold showers do to help your immune system is improving your circulatory system. You may have heard of athletes doing something similar after major events or long training sessions by taking ice baths in order to recover faster.

It’s the same principal, but focusing on a different aspect of it. Instead of recovery, the benefit of boosting your circulation for you is that your body is going to be pumping a lot more blood through your system fast, so any diseases are more likely to be found and they’ll be dealt with faster.

In some cases, this improved circulation has been found to correlate with better skin health and with a happier mood. Another benefit of taking cold showers is that it essentially shocks your system, which can both wake you up and help your immune system.

You might have noticed that splashing some cold water in your face can help you perk up if you’re feeling lethargic, but you might not have known that it also helps you stay healthy by energizing various immune system cells.

Many people are hesitant to the idea of taking cold showers because it’s pretty uncomfortable. Nobody likes getting in the shower while it’s still ice cold and hasn’t warmed up yet.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do that in order to reap the benefits of cold showers. Instead, for the last few minutes of your shower, you can turn it from your desired heat down to the cold temperature, giving your body that same kind of shock that benefits you in so many ways.

One thing that you should be hesitant about is that a cold shower is certainly not going to be the sole thing responsible for you being healthy. In addition to things that have been proven to help, you can take cold showers and do many kinds of different things, but don’t expect them to do as much good as getting enough vitamins will do for you, because they’re just not quite comparable.