Hello and thanks for stopping by at greene edition in these scary times of the pandemic. Today I want to share some thoughts about juices and how they relate to the immune system. This whole series evolved around a challenge at Pixel Scrapper.




Juices That Give Your Immune System a Natural Boost

You may have encountered people going on a juice cleanse before, where for awhile, they only really drink blended fruit juices in order to clear their system out. They do this for health reasons, sometimes losing weight and sometimes boosting their immune system.

You don’t have to go on a full cleanse to take advantage of the immune-boosting benefits of juices, though. By using a simple juicer or blender, you can make some great tasting smoothies at home to drink with various regular meals.

When it comes to mixing up fruits, you’ll want to find a balance between something that gives you the right vitamins and something that still tastes good. Fortunately, there are plenty of options that taste good available, and if you don’t like them, you can mix up your own.

You can also adjust the ratios of certain fruit mixes, giving them a different flavor. One of the easiest and most common ones is simple orange juice. Orange juice is very common, though if you want something healthier, stay away from store-bought stuff, which can contain additional sugar and juice concentrate.

Making your own orange juice won’t be quite as sweet, but it will be noticeably fresher and will give you a ton of vitamin C, an important immune system booster. If you want to get a bit fancier with your orange juice, you can add in some apples and carrots to the mix.

The apples and carrots will definitely require a fruit blender, and be sure not to blend up the apple core. By adding those simple fruits, you still get vitamin C, but you also get vitamin A and B-6, both of which are important for your body’s immune system as they help with the formation of disease-fighting cells.

If you like tomatoes, tomato juice is a fantastic immune system booster. They can be juiced by hand and the juice can be strained into a glass to ensure that no seeds make it through, and it tastes much better fresh than it does from a can.

This helps your immune system by giving you a boost of folate, a vitamin that helps reduce the risk of infections getting a foothold. Don’t be afraid to mix and experiment with different fruits that you think would be good.

Mix some watermelon and apple, and adjust the ratio as you see fit. There are a lot of different combinations out there that all help you boost your immune system quickly and easily.