Hello and thanks for stopping by at greene edition in these scary times. Today I want to share some thoughts about fruit and veggies that boost your immunity: Vegetarian boosters are easily available, absolutely affordable, totally delicious  and ever so helpful.

Usually, when I go to a grocery store I never look at more than the fresh section and about 85% of the merch on offer is not for me at all. I am amazed at the amount of cereal each time I enter a grocery store… I am not a vegetarian but I eat mostlly fruits and veggies. But I also love seafood, fish, poultry and meat, not to forget cheese and other dairy foods…. I guess I just really love food.

Here is a link to a bunch of great immune boosting recipes.




Vegetarian Boosters: Top Fruits and Vegetables That Help Your Immune System

Everyone knows that it’s important for you to eat fruits and vegetables in order to stay healthy because they provide you with a lot of nutrients that you need. They can help you lose weight by making you feel more full with fewer calories. So these vegetarian boosters help you speed up your metabolism.

Most importantly, they vegetarian boosters  help boost your immune system considerably while still being delicious and good for you. One of the best types of fruits for your immune system hands-down is citrus fruits.

The most common citrus fruits you’ll find are oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits. These were commonly eaten aboard ships hundreds of years ago to stave off scurvy, but these days, they give you a great vitamin C boost, which greatly improves your immune system.

Whether you’re eating them raw or incorporating them into other foods, it’s a great thing to keep on hand. Garlic is a very common component of many recipes, often used to enhance the flavor of anything from sauces to meats.And garlic is one of the top vegetarian boosters.

While eating a lot of it can give you a bit of bad breath, it’s incredibly healthy for you. On one hand, it helps keep your blood pressure low and your heart healthy. On the other, many of the chemicals found in it give your immune system a great boost.

In a similar way to citrus, bell peppers are amazing at giving you additional vitamin C. In fact, they’ve been found to contain almost double the amount of the vitamin that citrus has making them another vegetaran booster.

They’re not spicy, and they can be eaten raw, steamed, or seared in a pan. They’re great as a quick snack or as a side to a main meal, and are fairly cheap in most places. Beta-carotene is a very important chemical that your body uses to produce the cells in your body that will go on to fight diseases, so having enough of it is very important.

Carrots and spinach are both wonderful sources of it, and you have plenty of ways that you can eat them. Combined into a salad, they’ll both be welcome additions. They can also be cooked up and served on the side of a steak or some chicken, and are very healthy egetarian boosters for you.

Finally, beans and seeds are great sources of zinc, an element that your body also uses to create white blood cells. Beans and seeds are fairly shelf stable for a long time, so they can be stocked up and used when needed. Sunflower seeds are a great snack, while beans are a good side for a meal.

Here is a lemon flair to remind you of all the top boosters.