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Proper Hygiene Is Needed for a Healthy Immune System

Good hygiene not only keeps you looking healthy, but it actually benefits your immune system greatly and helps prevent the spread of diseases among other people around you.

Maintaining proper hygiene is the very first thing that you can do to prevent viruses and diseases from getting into your body to begin with, and by sticking with it, you can keep your immune system strong.

Arguably the most important part of daily hygiene is washing your hands. Your hands come into contact with so much stuff, from food at the grocery store, to the handle at the gas pump, to the buttons you push to pay for anything.

All of this can pick up diseases from other people who have also touched those things, so it’s important for you to wash and sanitize your hands after going around touching things.

After you touch something that many other people have too, you should not touch your face until you’ve washed your hands. This is how the disease gets from your hand to your mouth or into your nose and lungs.

When washing your hands, you need to be thorough. Many people do a cursory hand rinse with just water or use soap but just spread it around a little. This is not sufficient and will almost certainly leave bacteria and viruses on your hands.

You need to use plenty of soap and wash very thoroughly. You also cannot substitute washing your hands with hand sanitizer, as that will not kill off everything. It’s also important that you sneeze and cough into the crease of your elbow.

Many people are taught this from a young age, and it’s not just for you to be polite. It helps keep any diseases that you might have from being flung all around the room, which could very easily infect other people.

It’s just gross when you cough or sneeze into the open air, as well. Keeping yourself generally clean helps prevent any infections from sprouting up. If you’re not regularly showering but you could be, you need to do so.

Not just for the sake of people around you, but to keep your skin free of excess bacteria and to prevent any cuts, scratches, or scrapes from getting infected. Washing out and small wounds helps keep them healthy and allows them to recover naturally, which is just what you want.​


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