Hello and thanks for stopping by at greene edition in these scary times. I hope you are staying safe and healthy. In case you have some time to scrapbook I have a new freebie for you: The Evening Sky Love Kit.

Evening Sky Love Kit

This kit is the result of a swatch challenge. Now, I think it is really fit to scrapbook anything you want to remember like the big shifts in social life that many of us are experiencing at the moment. But also the fun things that happened: birthdays and (on-line) get togethers. How about the firsts? New things you learned about, new gadgets in action, new apps, new ways to cope with all this downtime, maybe a new skillset. What did you eat and drink? Read and listen to? Watch and see? Happy scrapping with the Evening Sky Love Kit freebie.

Enjoy this freebie throughout March 2020. You can find it in the store.

Many thanks to Bourico Casper for her wonderful page with the Evening Sky Love Kit.



greene edition, evening sky love mini kit

greene edition, evening sky love mini kit. Bourico Casper

by Bourico

by Bina