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New Scrapbook Challenges in April 2020

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You may or may not know that I am proudly hosting scrapbooking challenges at Pixel Scrapper. I have been part of the Pixel Scrapper idea for a while now and this April 2020 I am introducing a new challenge called ‘Coping With Corona’. There have been swift design reactions to this pandemic and a lot of brilliant layouts are already to be seen in the gallery. Please join me for the new Coping With Corona Challenge at Pixel Scrapper in April 2020.

Please consider joining us for some regular and random challenges at the PS Layout Challenges Forum.

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New Scrapbook Challenges in April 2020

In April I will be hosting the following challenges at Pixel Scrapper:

April 1st 2020: 

Template Challenge

Scripture Challenge

April 4th 2020: 

Coping With Corona

April 12th  2020:

Month in Review

April 14th 2020:

Life Begins Challenge

Scrapbook Design Challenges in April 2020

 Please join us for the current True Blue Challenge.