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In a Human Capacity 01

G’day, hello and thanks for stopping by at Queensland’s Number One Digital Scrapbooking SIte. Yes, you heard right. I love Queensland and Queensland loves greene edition. The perfect match, dear Queenslanders: How have you been coping with the lockdowns and all? Sometimes I do not know what to think of it and one of the best ways to deal with it is to actually scrapbook. To somehow visualize your emotions and then go from there. Draw your conclusions from your scrapbooking and start acting on your scrapbook findings.

Anyone who says  memory keeping is just that  certainly has a different view than I do.

To me it is also a self reflective proccess and while I admire all the beauty and flowers everywhere my pages tend to be concerned mostly with photos and texts and with ornateness only on a secondary level.  That said I am sharing some recent layouts with photos from Afghanistan, a country with a hurricane history in one of the most militarized and nuclear armed regions of the world. Here is one good read about it. If you woud like to see my albums look here.

In a Human Capacity 01

capacity 01